Improved & digitalised parking management as tool to foster green and multimodal transport in the South Baltic area

Parking Gets SMART

PARKING GETS SMART project develops & spreads innovative parking management solutions that make the most of digitalisation & advanced ICT. Thus, local & regional car trips will be decreased and green & multimodal forms of transport promoted across the South Baltic Area. For achieving this, the project gathers a “pioneer developer community” that creates new approaches & disseminates them to other parking actors in the SBA. It delivers: (a) A set of innovative, site-oriented model strategies for digital parking management. They define tailored “push” (e.g. parking fees) & digital “pull” (e.g. dynamic parking guidance apps) mechanisms for typical use cases in the SBA (e.g. university campus, seaside resort). (b) Tools & models to establish the base infrastructure for digital processing & sharing of “open parking data”, incl. a generic, non-proprietary model hub that is developed as “open source software”. (c) Model applications that demonstrate & validate benefits. They put ICT-based end-user devices into everyday use (e.g. dynamic parking guidance or lot sharing apps). Effects on mobility behaviour are documented & evaluated. The tools are partly developed as “open source” software, too. (d) The further extension of the user group & use range of digital parking management in the SBA. The “open source” software solutions are provided to followers free-of-charge. A “SBA help desk” & trainings in all SBA countries assist them in launching own activities. Hackathons encourage software developers to create new parking apps. // The consortium consists of 6 forerunner municipalities & site-owners in PL, LT, SE & DE. They are supported by relevant experts (mobility management, parking, ICT) and multipliers (e.g. parking associations). // Upon its finalization, PARKING GETS SMART will have made a significant & concrete contribution to changing mobility behaviour and the wider roll-out of site-oriented digital parking management across the SBA.